Washing of car engine.

Posted by:repocarfind Posted on:Sep 29,2016

Washing of car engineDirty engine does not have a great danger to the vehicle as a whole and does not change its characteristics. Moreover, there are no clear recommendations on how to correctly / accurately wash the car engine and how often . But there are some nuances that explain why the internal mechanisms are better to keep clean.

Dirt on the engine makes difficult to control the leakage of fluids (coolants, oil). It means in the event of a malfunction, the motorist will not be able to notice and fix the problem and, consequently, risks to get more serious problems.

As for the wiring, then formed mud is capable to difficult starting (current leakage occurs). Another important aspect – clean engine is less fire hazard.

Formed drips in the engine oil compartment, evaporating and forming flammable vapors can lead to engine ignition. Clean unit is easier and more enjoyable to serve.


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