What kinds of car oil do we have?

Posted by:repocarfind Posted on:Oct 31,2016

There are different approaches to the classification of motor oils and for a correct choice you should be familiar with some of them.

kinds of car oilAccording to a method of producing the finished product all motor oils are divided into three large groups: mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Mineral oil is produced by distillation of crude oil wastes. It is eco-friendly, well lubricates all the necessary parts of the engine, relatively inexpensive. Semi-synthetic oils are essentially transitional variant (or hybrid) from mineral to synthetic. It contains from 30 to 50% mineral component and 50 – 70% – synthetic ones. According to the characteristics it is a little better then “pure” mineral oil, but it is not the limit of perfection. Synthetic oil is also produced from petroleum, but with a more thorough reworking of the original product. It has the best characteristics (high viscosity, long life, less harmful impurities, etc.), constantly improving and accordingly its price is slightly higher.


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