2016 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4 – Review

Posted by:repocarfind Posted on:Feb 23,2017

Hello to you servers storage motors pre owned inventory of her plans what you’re looking at here is a 2016 Dodge Ram one time. Diesel long locks crew cab pick me up truck here unifying this year the big Ford dealership Prince George motors just off highway 971331 central street is legitimate pop into your Google maps are your GPS so to bring you where you need to go.

 Dodge Ram

I will show you a couple of the features including air power windows or power locks and of course your power mirrors. Come on inside the truck you got your automatic headlights a cargo lamps. And then you’ve got your tilt steering here on the side of the steering column. They forgot to show you this is the first came in some measure you and now just on the side of your driver’s. And on the. Your side as well. There is your heated seats are going to come into focus there you go you got a 2 level heated. Seats on this. And you come up inside it. There is your your menu control buns. That’s going to show you what’s going on with your truck. Your trip counters your trailer toll or all of the kind of stuff so you need to pay attention doing around the diesel. On the other side here of course is your cruise control. More info on Dodge Ram hreadlights http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-ram/headlights.html.

Dodge Ram interior

Come on over to your dad. His lawyer media you got your radio in your satellite U. S. B. port connections are in the glove box here horror center console. There is your client controls and of course you’ve got your traction control your toll hall but near exhaust control. And your rear parking sensors you can be fat you or not there’s a 4 wheel drive. A single look. Got a 402040 split bench seat so you have the option of having the center console here. Or you can put that up out of the way. And you can haul that extra passenger if you want to you’ve got a lap belt for their safety. They come into the rear passenger compartment of this crew cab one ton diesel truck. Nice bright interior. You’ve got the full bench seat back here green with a 3.harness for everybody. You need to haul something you’ve got a little better storage underneath here. Enough to lock it into place that some bands of storage so that things are rolling around on you.

They come down. Way down the long. Governor own back. If you have your backups. Is back here you got your back. I’m red just under the. Handle your tailgate and then of course you have your trailer too hot. Angela both here for 10 years 7. You do have a full screen box liner in the structure is fifth wheel hitch ready. Come on down and see aspirin shorten loaders are being for dealership located just. Nineties 7 year in Prince George British Columbia Canada. Good for him meeting you here hoping you get into the vehicle. Your dreams your lives. Budget your taste. Everything else that goes along with it. How the fence They.


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